I wanted to inquire about the costs of a simple wood stove

I have a lot of questions about living up north now that my wife and I have finally made our move.

It’s summer and I’m excited to get outside and go hiking, but I was worried about the wildlife first.

We came from the south in a region known for black bears, panthers, wild boar, and alligators, but now we live in a place that has zero bears and one single species of rattlesnake. People in the area who I’ve met have all told me to be wary of deer ticks because they can carry lyme disease. I was also shown photos of poison ivy and how to avoid it. Short of that, I didn’t have any crazy wildlife ready to jump out of the bushes like I did back in the south. One time I accidentally came up on a female boar and her offspring. If I hadn’t been downwind, she probably would have noticed me and started charging. Thankfully, I was lucky that day and left the area unscathed. I’m so happy with the woods up north, in part knowing those near-injury encounters with extreme wildlife is just not going to happen to me again for as long as we live in this area. However, it’s already starting to get colder as it’s the end of the summer. We have a furnace in our house, but I’m curious about the installation costs of a simple wood stove that we could use as a supplemental heat source in our house. Our lot is several acres and the number of dead trees that we can harvest for firewood are plentiful. I hope that we can afford the wood stove installation because it would help us save on winter heating costs by a considerable amount.

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