I wanted an online marketing company that knew something about HVAC.

When I went in search of an online marketing company, the first thing I wanted was a company that knew something about HVAC.

I didn’t want a marketing company that customized one program to fit everyone.

It’s like going to the hospital and getting a heart specialist who customized his services for someone who needed their tonsils out. I’m sure he could do both surgeries, but I wanted a doctor who did the same thing all the time, and had a lot of practice. I felt the same way with online marketing companies. I wanted to have a marketing expert that worked with HvAC all the time, and not just occasionally. I did my due diligence to make sure I had the right marketing company to handle my HVAC company needs. I wanted a website that would attract customers, and I needed an active marketing program. I didn’t want to pay a large sum of money to a marketing company who knew very little about HVAC. We talked for almost an hour before I was sure this was the marketing company for me, and they felt I was a good fit for them. Once the chatting was finished, they emailed a list of questions they needed answered. They wanted to get a wide variety of information about my HVAC company into the website. I marvelled at all the questions I had to answer, knowing they knew their stuff or they could not come up with these questions. They promised I would have a preliminary website available in 48 hours, but it would not go live until everything had been tweaked and both their company and I was happy with the outcome.
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