I want a good air conditioning system once I’m on my own

As soon as I can move out of our parents’ house, I’m buying an absolutely wonderful air cooler system! For our entire life,my parents have never had any air conditioner in our house, and my parents regularly joke around and say that they don’t feel in air conditioner, whatever that means, and i have regularly told him that that doesn’t make any sense; you don’t feel or disbelieve in air conditioner… Air conditioning is an actual thing that you can see and touch, so you can’t absolutely say that you don’t feel it… That’s when they just roll their eyup and say that they don’t feel like having it in their house. I guess that makes more sense, but it still doesn’t Mean that I guess that they should be this way, and both of us live in a climate where a central air conditioner would make a whole lot of sense to have in your home. The weather gets absolutely tepid here during the summer season, and not only that, but it is really muggy and humid; unfortunately for all of us who live here, though, they have never had it in the home for as long as the people I was with and I have lived here. My siblings and I used to get so miserable at our parents during the summer season because all of our friends had central air conditioners in their homes but the people I was with and I did not. Both of us felt like most people were making fun of us. They particularly weren’t, but that was not the point. Both of us all wanted an air conditioner, but our parents just refused. Then when I move out of this home in a few months, the first thing I’m doing is making sure that the house I get has a central air conditioner. I will never live apart from it again.

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