I trust an HVAC technician to service and maintain my system

I will be at the lake house all day this month doing some writing plus maybe finally working around the house a bit fixing things plus cleaning for our mom.

The two of us are going to be selling this house in another several months plus she is paying myself and others well to do things around the house instead of having to hire someone to do it.

The only thing that I can’t work on is the heating plus air conditioning system. I don’t know too much about it plus I would rather not attempt to bring chaos down raining on myself. The two of us have a nice heating plus air conditioning supplier down the road plus I am friends with the owner so the two of us will most likely hire them to do any heating or AC service that the two of us may need in the distant future. I just first want to get the place painted inside plus out plus then do all of the small things that I can do around here. I need to service 3 toilets because they are loose plus wobbling when you stand on them. I suppose the air conditioning system needs to be charged with coolant because it seems to be blowing much warmer air than it should plus is running a lot longer than it used to. I saved our mom a lot of currency by painting the inside plus outside of the house as I was a painter for many years when I ran our own painting supplier. The local corporation that she used to have paint for her went out of corporation because the owner got really sick so I was the next best option for the work.

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