I thought it was odd that water was coming from the AC machine

I was totally ready to provide my man a piece of our mind… But, I also didn’t want to confess that I had found out such a poor thing.

I’d trusted him so much plus never once had the thought that he would end up betraying me.

It’s my best pal who had seen him out with another girl making out while she was at a gathering with her partner… She didn’t hesitate to alert me to the situation plus send me all kinds of pictures as evidence. The more I checked out the images, the worse I felt about my situation. I opted to pack my things plus go back to live with my mom. I arrived when she was still at her job plus didn’t call her lest she panics plus come running. The only thing I could do was wait at her residence, although I had to turn on the A/C machine. The house felt hot plus muggy, which was quite bizarre. I knew mom regularly left the A/C component running unless she was traveling. Instead of wondering what was wrong with the A/C machine, I opted to go down to the basement to inspect it. That’s when I came across a pool of water on the floor plus more coming out of the A/C machine. I’d never seen an A/C component drip water in the past, so I chose not to ignore the situation. Mom has a repair plus service contract with a local A/C machine business. Their numbers were on the refrigerator, so I called them to determine if this was a normal situation. The Heating plus A/C repair person I spoke to did understand the actual situation plus said it sounded basically like a blocked drainage line.


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