I still don't know why the kids stuffed things into the air vents

However, in the bedrooms, it was super hot.

I was babysitting a couple of kids last week for this lady that I know and it got so hot in her house that I thought their air conditioning system was torn up. It was super hot outside that day and she told me that I could turn the thermostat down as much as I wanted to. I decided to turn it down a couple of degrees to see if we could get the place to start cooling off, but even though the air conditioning system kicked on, no cold air was coming out of the air vents at all. I was starting to wonder what the problem was because no matter how low I turned down the thermostat, the house was still really hot and stuffy inside. Meanwhile, the two kids were laughing about the fact that I was concerned about the air conditioning system. I thought that the air conditioning was completely torn up but it seemed to be working just fine in the living room. However, in the bedrooms, it was super hot. The kids kept saying that there was no way that they could go to bed with their rooms at that temperature, so they just had to stay up. That little remark seemed very fishy to me, and that’s when I started wondering what they had done. I finally went over and checked the air vents in the bedroom and that’s when I saw that they had stuffed blankets and stuffed animals down inside of the ductwork. That stuff was keeping the air conditioning from coming through the air vents!

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