I started with crime scene scrub up

I started our work doing crime scene scrub up. This was about as much fun as you would think. There was blood spatter to scrub up, carpets to update, plus always such an unholy aroma to try plus get rid of… You would suppose that for such disgusting labor there was honestly fine bpay, however you would be wrong about that. After a few weeks I was so repulsed by the task that I started taking night classes to study Heating plus A/C repair. I needed a new task, something with a real future to it, plus I was convinced that the heating plus cooling industry was our ticket. That was a different period in our life, because I was still cleaning up crime scenes during the day, plus then studying heating plus cooling systems at night. That oddball combination gave me an idea, 1 that I pitched to the owner of the cleaning supplier – ductwork plus air vent cleaning. I knew that the man owned other types of businesses, plus I explained to him that no 1 else on her crew knew how to constantly scrub plus scrub ductworks. That does take a little specialized training, the honestly kind I was receiving in our Heating plus A/C studies. When I was finally Heating plus A/C certified I was able to quit the crime scene scrub up crew, plus transfer to an industrial cleaning crew; No more blood plus guts for me, now all I have to scrub are dusty ductworks plus grimey air vents, which are markedly less disgusting. Thanks for reading our blog!


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