I saw the coolest HVAC advertisement recently

I am pretty sure that I saw the coolest HVAC advertisement in history.

At the very least, I know that it was the coolest HVAC advertisement that I have ever seen personally.

I don’t think about HVAC companies very often. Since I live in a rented house, I never even contact HVAC companies. When my furnace or central air conditioner is broken, I simply have to call the landlord and inform the landlord that my HVAC unit is broken. The landlord that owns the house is responsible for calling the HVAC company. Furthermore, I don’t work for an HVAC company, so it is very easy to forget that HVAC companies are even a thing. However, recently, I saw an HVAC advertisement that stood out, and I wanted to tell everyone about it. I was eating lunch after church one day in my favorite restaurant. The restaurant is well-known for putting advertisements at each table that are paid for by local companies. The advertisements are pretty standard, so they are pretty easy to forget about. However, today was different because there was a completely new advertisement that I had never seen before, and I thought that it was pretty cool. The advertisement was for an HVAC company, and it featured one of my favorite superheroes. In fact, the HVAC company had branded themselves after a superhero, and I thought that it was super cool. I would have never come up with that as an HVAC technician, and I was impressed enough to consider hiring them if I ever owned my own house.



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