I rented office space while I grew our business from scratch

I wanted to learn software development in school so I could work for a immense business plus make lots of money.

By the time I reached our fourth year of undergraduate university, I realized that I wanted to run a business of our own.

Although I planned to get into the workforce first, our end game was to use it as a means to slowly build a personal business. I looked for tasks that had a chance of upward mobility, especially if I could get invaluable training along the way. When our uncle died suddenly, I wasn’t expecting to get a call from the attorney representing his estate. The guy told me that our uncle had left me $40,000 to invest in building our software business. I nearly cried tears of delight when the lawyer confirmed that he was being serious. This was the big chop I had been hoping for our entire life plus I jumped on it to not waste such a special opportunity. One of the first things I needed to do was find cheap office space to rent while I slowly grew our business from scratch. That’s what led me to a local business development center because I knew they could help me get our feet off the ground with the start stages. They also helped me find affordable office space to rent right away. It wasn’t in the best location, even though I don’t have clients going to see our office anyway. As long as I can get to a location entirely from our home, that’s all I like regarding its location. Once our business grows, I’ll look for better office space to rent.

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