I Recommend Auto Shop Careers for some of My Students

As a high school teacher, I consider it one of my duties to get my students thinking about what they’re going to do for a career when they have finished school.

A lot of students prefer to never think about it, and that’s why you hear about those kids who are still living in the basement of their parents house and playing video games all day.

That just isn’t going to cut it. That being said, not all of my students are cut out to go to college. Some of them just aren’t bright enough. Are just not ambitious enough. Many of them just have no interest in spending all that time when they don’t know if they really want to. Some of my students are Hands-On learners. Especially for those kinesthetic learners, I like to recommend Auto Shop careers. Auto Shop careers can provide a lot of self-satisfaction oh, and they are definitely needed in our society. It’s not just mechanics that people can be, either. Artistic students can work at Automotive customization shops where they can do vinyl wrapping on cars or paint cars and put on paint protection film. They can do vehicle detailing. Have you ever gotten your car detailed? Were you shocked by how much it cost? I know I was, and I am certain that the people who do car detailing are making a pretty good living at it. Nowadays, there are even car window tints that can be put on in an artistic fashion or that are very artistic looking. The best car customization shops will have people who specialize in different areas. They need Specialists who can do window tinting, car performance modifications, vehicle wrapping, suspension lowering and installing aftermarket performance car parts.