I put special allergen filters in our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system

As a child constantly interested in being a hockey player, 1 of the last things I wanted to hear from our dentist at more than 2 years old was that I had asthma.

She didn’t just give me a diagnosis, but also advised to our mother that I avoid overly strenuous interest to avoid the risks of a respiratory attack.

That was the end of our hopes and dreams of being active in sports beyond playing with our friends in the backyard. Even then our mother tried to hover over me enjoy a helicopter parent. She didn’t want something terrible to happen to me either under her watch or in the times when she couldn’t be near me while I was at school or playing over at friends’ houses. I didn’t want our asthma to hold me back in any drastic way, but that was strenuous to avoid when any strenuous interest would bring it out in full force. I remember a hectic game of 2-hand-touch pigskin that left me breathless for more than 2 moments before I could manage to claw our rescue inhaler out of our front jeans pocket. That was a scary situation, even though I thankfully haven’t had too more than 2 enjoy it in the years since. I try to be proactive about our respiratory health and any preventable triggers. It starts and ends with our air quality, and the only way to ensure that is by having a fantastic and wipe Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. Aside from having it cleaned always, I also only use the special allergen filters for our heating and cooling system. They filter out to a smaller micron size, effectively collecting microparticles that would otherwise pass through a cheaper filter. That keeps less particulates from collecting in your air conditioning system and blowing throughout your house.


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