I purchased a small AC unit for the rental

When we were in middle school my circle of friends made a immense deal out of Spring cut every year.

The people I was with and I would all pack up into a van or an RV and go anywhere to celebration for a week.

I still treasure those afternoons, so when Ben called myself and others up out of the green and asked if I wanted to saunter down memory lane, I jumped at the chance. The people I was with and I all met at the same beach, where Ben had rented a home for a few afternoons, and we could celebration like we were back in school! The home was spacious and very nice, however the was broken, which was not so nice. You guess what the best thing about getting older is that you have enough credit to go out and buy an a/c if you need one. As teens, that would simply never had been an option, because who has that kind of currency to throw away on cooling? Now I have a task, a job, and a savings account, however conversely the cost of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tech has gone down. If you want a state of the art central Heating, Ventilation plus A/C idea it will cost you thoUSnds of dollars. But if you just need a small, portable a/c, you can go to Walmart and get one for less than 2 hundred bucks! Since Ben had made all the arrangements, I decided to go to the store and pay for the a/c myself, as a gift for the group. When the weekend was over, I decided to leave the a/c at the rental.
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