I needed an air conditioner so badly

When my tax return check came, I knew exactly what I needed to spend it on. And then the stupidest thing happened, because I saw the local cannabis dispensary was having a BOGO sale that weekend. Long story short, I spent the entire check on weed, and now I am back to being flat broke and I didn’t get any of the repairs done! The summer is rapidly approaching, and the direness of my situation is setting in. Trying to go an entire summer without a working air conditioner will be interminable so I need to find a way to fix it that doesn’t cost me very much money. I have realized that using the A/C money for marijuana was really stupid. Without air conditioning it is so difficult to even enjoy all the cannabis I have! If you aren’t a pothead, then you might know this, but hot and humid temperatures will ruin a good high. Usually when I smoke out I will sit directly under the A/C vent, because the way the cold air feels against my skin is amazing. Without A/C the cannabis doesn’t hit me nearly as hard. Although it is just a temporary solution, I decided to buy a small, portable cooling unit to get me through the summer. It is only strong enough for cooling down one room, but if I sit it right in front of me and let the air vent blast me directly, it gets the job done. Next year I will definitely get a new air conditioner, and that’s a promise.

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