I made sure to get a repair plan

I l gained from our mistake last time, and it was a mistake I was not planning on doing again, then close to 5 years ago, I bought our new home, and fairly abruptly I had the Heating and A/C unit upgraded.

The Heating and A/C unit it came with was a window air conditioning system unit, which was just not going to work.

I had a central air conditioning system installed, and although the air conditioning system professional told me I should get a Heating and A/C repair plan, I never did, figuring it would be a waste of money. I figured I would never use it. Along with this mindset, I also thought there is no point in getting Heating and A/C tune ups or having it continuously looked at, and it’s because of that mindset that I lost our new system at only 5 years old. That is entirely awful and it cost me a lot. It didn’t help when the same certified air conditioning system company told me again that I should get an air conditioning system repair plan, but however, he didn’t have to tell me, because I was already planning on that ahead of time. This time I agreed to the cooling repair plan, and I entirely got to see the benefits that came with it! Yes, it cost a lot, however considering how much money I had to spend to get a new one, I’m not going to complain, and now every 6 months, I will get a text on our iPhone which will alert me when a Heating and A/C repair appointment is due, and it will tell me first whenever they are having a sale. I ended up buying a few things off their website during the time they were having a sale, and I have to tell you, the heating repair method is totally worth it.


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