I made a happy accident calling the wrong HVAC company at first

Sometimes I think I’m following my gut when in reality my gut is screaming “No!” at the top of its lungs.

This is what I thought regarding a restaurant I wanted to book for my birthday dinner this year.

I tried and failed to secure a reservation on three separate occasions before I finally gave up. Not two days later did I read about someone dying from food poisoning after having a meal at that same restaurant. Most people would chalk this up to be a simple coincidence, but I’m not so sure myself. Regardless of any underlying reasons, that “accident” saved me from potentially getting really sick that night. Instead, I stayed at home and had a delicious home cooked meal that I would not have been able to get at any local restaurant. However, I had a similar situation occur just two weeks later when I called the wrong heating and cooling company. Instead of avoiding the wrong company, in this situation I accidentally called the wrong company and ended up finding an HVAC supplier with better reviews than any other heating and cooling company in the entire county. They offered me an extremely competitive price on an HVAC service warranty and even threw in a couple of UV bulbs to replace the old ones in my air conditioner from before. All in all I only have positive things to say about this HVAC company. They won me over with their impeccable customer service on top of all of their other advantages. I’m glad I called the wrong HVAC company because now I’m with a better one as a result.

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