I loved the turtle shell inlay on the wooden dining table

Every once in a while, our husband Max will see an estate sale nearby, plus both of us will go to it.

Max has picked up some lovely pieces of furniture for our house by going to estate sales.

Last year, Max obtained a truly antique tea table that had a turtle shell inlay in the center. I didn’t know how outdated this tea table was, although I thought it was truly stunning, however ever since Max made that find, he has been checking out weirder estate sales. Last week, both of us went to an estate sale that was outside of our area. I didn’t realize Max and I were going to a mansion. To our surprise, both of us found a pretty wooden dining table that matched our tea table. The turtle shell inlay on that wooden dining table was lovely. The table was simple and pristine, plus it was difficult to think that it was nearly 100 years old. Whoever had owned the dining room table, has taken such amazing care of it, and it could have just come out of the showroom. I was telling the guy running the auction about our tea table, he asked if he could come to our house to see the tea table. When he showed up at our house, I saw tears in his eyes. She remembered the same tea table being in his Grandparents house, plus told his Grandparents that someday he would have it. Max stared at me, when I offered to supply his the tea table. In the end, I was the 1 who got the better area of that deal. In exchange for the tea table, he gave myself and Max the 12 matching chairs that went with our wooden dining table.
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