I left my phone anywhere on the last task

Friday was an extremely stressed afternoon.

The first task on my schedule was a ductless Heating, Ventilation, and A/C replacement.

The client wasn’t home, so I could not complete the work. The client confirmed the afternoon before, so it was extraordinarily different that he was not home in the day when the appointment time came. I contacted the client and I knocked on the door. There weren’t any cars in the driveway and I did not see any movement inside of the home. It seemed as if he completely and totally forgot. The next task on my schedule was an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tune-up. I wasn’t busy to get to the address until later that afternoon and the client was very very cheerful that I arrived earlier. She had some errands that he wanted to run and I freed up the afternoon so he could get them completed. When I finished with the tune up, I called my boss and he sent myself and others out to the country to write an bid for a client that wanted to suppose how much it would cost for Central AC in his farmhouse. I spent about 45 minutes out of the property carefully examining all of the cabin and the areas where all of us would need to add ductwork for the central AC. I finished with the task and did not contact my boss until I was already a few miles away from the address. That’s when I realized I could not find my phone. I had to turn around and go back to the farm cabin to find my cell phone. Thank goodness for the owner found it on a fence post by the garage and decided to put it in the house.
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