I learned how to do basic drain cleaning and u-pipe maintenance

Having access to Google and Youtube has given many of us a level of freedom that we never thought was possible in past years.

I’ll never forget the frustration I had trying to learn how to solder electronics back in the late 1990s when neither of these sites existed and your only internet guides were written text and low resolution photos.

When I went to Youtube about 10 years later to learn soldering again, I was amazed at how easy the process was once I simply learned the right techniques. That’s applicable to any readily-learned skill as more people flock to sites like Youtube to share their abilities and techniques with the rest of the world. My mother is learning how to use watercolor paints from a series of videos that she started watching on a whim one afternoon while trying to kill time waiting on a telehealth appointment phone call. Although I would call a plumbing service for any serious plumbing repairs or service, I figured that learning how to flush a hot water heater would be minimal experience for basic drain cleaning and u-pipe maintenance in my master bathroom. Sometimes soap scum will settle in the u-pipe or p-trap. Removing it to clean out the built-up soap scum is much easier than I initially thought. I just had to watch a video on how to re-align the p-trap to get it back into place. You need to make sure you tighten it at the right angle so water doesn’t constantly leak out underneath your sink. Some install water leak detection alarms underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks for this very reason.

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