I knew every one of us shouldn’t have gotten drinks at supper

I had to meet with 1 of our commercial buyers to discuss some invoices & the buyer recommended meeting at a diner & bar.

It sounded harmless to meet there, so I agreed to the location.

As soon as every one of us arrived, the buyer recommended ordering drinks. I did not want to end up getting drunk, because I still had more commercial Heating and A/C buyers to meet with on that afternoon. I decided to get a beer, knowing the food would get rid of any alcohol from the beer. I ordered some wings & a big plate of fries. The buyer & I discussed the billing for her commercial property. She wanted myself and others to lower some of the bills for heating & A/C repairs. I looked at a couple of the bills & I agreed to make some variations. The waitress came by & provided myself and others another beer. It tasted pretty good, so I ordered a minute beer. Then that waitress brought a second beer on her own & I did not want to say no & be impolite. It was all over after the second beer. I was feeling pretty enjoyable & all of our enjoyable sense was completely out the window. The commercial Heating and A/C buyer & I both drank too much at supper & every one of us ended up going to a hotel shortly after. I knew it was a mistake to put myself in that situation, & I did not have anyone to blame except myself… Now I am in an awkward situation with 1 of our biggest commercial buyers. It certainly does not help that the lady is married.

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