I just wanted a cheap HVAC replacement at first

I was basically hell-bent on getting a simple central HVAC replacement.

I felt like the ductwork system was in great shape, and I mostly wanted the replacement to have an HVAC with greater efficiency.

Well, the HVAC expert was telling me that if I wanted greater energy efficiency, I should go for a ductless HVAC system. I was stubborn the whole time, but my wife seemed to be listening to the professional. She agreed that not having to use ductwork would be better because not only would we save on ductwork maintenance services, but we would achieve greater efficiency with a ductless system. When I compared the prices for a traditional central HVAC unit compared to the ductless HVAC, I saw that the system I wanted was definitely cheaper, but not by a huge amount… When I realized the energy saving potential of the ductless HVAC system, I finally agreed with my wife that maybe it wasn’t a bad idea. She was happy that I could finally see the benefits of the upgrade. For some reason, I was caught up on the ductwork maintenance. We put a lot of work into the ductwork system over the years, and I almost felt like that old ductwork was going to be part of the home for a long time to come. Still, it’s true that nothing lasts forever and it was tough to pass up on such huge energy savings. Having used this new ductless HVAC for a few months, we have achieved better energy savings than we thought possible. We also appreciate the different zones with customized comfort, it’s incredible!

Cooling representative