I just want to have fun times in the summer season

I realize that eventually I will look back at these Summer nights when we played volleyball till 10pm plus partied plus laughed on the beach in what seemed essentially like a Summer that would never end.

I’ve fallen in love, fallen out of love, played a huge amount of volleyball games, plus partied on the beach with my amazing volleyball buddies. I will be seasoned a single day plus looking back at these nights at some of the sweetest times in my life. I’m trying to appreciate it now while it is happening but I know that it will be sweeter in time. HVAC component repair is what inhabits my nights plus I love working with the HVAC reps, but the nights in this town are just priceless to me. I’ve been playing ball for roughly 30 years next month plus I sincerely hope my body can last another 10 years or more… Yoga helps a good amount with keeping my body fit to play. Working at the HVAC appliance supplier also keeps me strong with all of the lifting I have to do all the time. I also use those TRX straps a few times a month to keep my muscles particularly strong plus I do sandbag jumps on the beach for my legs. I workout with this local business a few times per month with the TRX straps plus it undoubtedly helps having a training pal similar to that to keep me going. Beach volleyball requires a fair amount of cardio plus speed, plus at my age it is a crucial challenge to keep up with it all but I am honestly trying.

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