I hope this resolves the issue

For a while I was doing very well financially.

I was making a killing on the crypto markets, and then investing my profits into real estate.

When the crypto markets crashed, I had to start selling off my other holdings as fast as I could so I wouldn’t go bankrupt. Long story short, I now live in one of my old rental properties, which is actually the last thing in the world I still own. I have no crypto, I have very little money, and instead of living in a mansion I live in a small, foul-smelling house on the lake. The air quality in this house is always a little bit unusual, even though the heating and cooling systems work perfectly. I began to think that some animal had crawled into the ductwork and died, so I called a local company to perform an inspection. It turns out that I was right, and the HVAC tech found evidence of several animals in my attic, and in the ventilation system itself. Thankfully there were no animals living in my air ducts currently, but based on the evidence there used to be a huge infestation. The HVAC tech guessed that there used to be a large family of rats living in the house, and although they were gone there was still a lot of rat feces and hair in the ductwork. If the rodents were still there it would have been a much bigger ordeal, but instead all I needed was a deep cleaning of the ductwork and all of the air vents, which should resolve the issue.


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