I hope there aren’t critters in the HVAC duct

Even when cryptocurrency was at its hottest, the people I was with and I all knew it was a big risk.

  • I bet heavily on some of the earliest forms of crypto plus it paid off huge.

Then I took my profits plus invested them in something more secure, prefer real estate. I did not pull out of the crypto market soon enough, but, plus I found myself hemorrhaging money. I sold all my real estate, my cars, plus my own private residence that I loved so dearly. I moved my few remaining possessions into my last remaining rental property plus made it my new home. It’s nice enough, except for a persistent problem with the air quality that I cannot figure out. The central HVAC plan is only a few years old, plus the HEPA air filter is brand new, yet the odd stench simply will not go away! With money being so narrow I was hesitant to even call in a professional HVAC tech because I was afraid I couldn’t afford it. Instead I got out my tools plus did a little digging of my own. I disfastend all of the air vents, plus used a flashlight to look as deeply into the depths of the ventilation plan as possible. To my dismay I noticed a lot of little paw prints in the dust on the bottom of the HVAC ducts, did that mean there were rats or raccoons living in my ventilation system? I kept looking, plus was greatly relieved to find a dead squirrel in one of the HVAC ducts, a much easier thing to repair than a live critter infestation.

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