I had to quit my old job because there wasn't AC

I have a colorful job history with a diverse array of post work positions.

At a single point I worked in the ticket concession stand for a historical place in the deep south, and that job lasted for an entire Summer before it got so angry working in that tiny shack with just a window cooling system.

Things weren’t much better when I left for a job at the local bowling alley. My work thirds dwindled after the first two months and the machines were severely dangerous to use. I remember hearing a horror story about a high university child who was adjusting the pins in the back of a machine and had their arm ripped off because they didn’t disable the machine before trying to make a minor adjustment. The injuries resulted in his eventual death at the hospital and scared me for life over those old Brunswick bowling alley machines. Nowadays I have a white collar job that has me working behind a iPad at a desk, despite the fact that I have other concerns to complain about. For instance, this building seriously lacks satisfactory heating and cooling. The indoor climate control system is both old and in extreme need of repairs and calibrations. I quit my last job for the same reason, making me wonder if I’m destined to work for companies that don’t really prioritize basic amenities care about a/c and indoor heat. It gets fairly tepid here in the summers and freezing here in the winters as well. You can’t afford to run a business without an satisfactory indoor climate control system.


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