I had cooling comfort during the game of golf with my buddies

When I went to play golf with some of my buddies the other day, they all asked me if I was going for a new look.

I laughed and said they must’ve been talking trash on my cooling hat.

When they asked what it was, I said my hat actually provided cooling relief with its sophisticated design. They asked me what I had attached to my hat. It actually is a pair of tiny fans that are hooked up to a solar panel bar. The fans are powered by the sun and they provide a greater cooling effect. To me, they look pretty cool, like two turbo engines working hard all day at providing me the best in cooling relief. I also told my buddies that the fan had reflective material to bounce away the rays of the sun, giving me even more cooling. On top of all that, the hat was designed to hold water. And of course, we all know you’re cooler when you’re wet! It was a scorching hot day and while my buddies were begging to take a break in the air conditioning, I told them I could go all day. We eventually did take a break about halfway through, and I thought it was a shame to break away from the game just for some air conditioning. Everybody told me by the end of the game that I would have to tell them where to get those cooling hats, because they said obviously it improved my game a lot, and I had an advantage. I know they weren’t just concerned about an advantage though, they were just making up excuses because they lost. They also wanted to have greater comfort while playing the game, just like I was able to do.
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