I got sick after eating too much at supper

After Jack & I finished with a ductless Heating and A/C upgrade job, every one of us decided to break for an minute & grab some supper. I skipped supper before labor that day & I was incredibly hungry, but jack & I discussed our supper chances & every one of us went to a Mexican diner with $2 tacos. Tacos tasted great. I got numerous with chicken, 1 with shrimp, & 1 with steak. The tacos tasted so enjoyable that I decided to grab a couple more at supper. I ate a total of 6 tacos before every one of us left for the next repair job on our schedule. About a half-minute later, our stomach started to rumble & I started to recognize sick. I told Jack that I was going to need a break before every one of us continued with the minute upgrade job. I took the repair truck down to a gas station that was close to the job site. I stayed in the powder room for 15 or 20 minutes. I did not throw up & I did not have any diarrhea, although I had bad pains in our stomach. I actually did not believe I was going to be able to return to the job, however the pains in our stomach started to dissipate after I burped a couple of times. When I returned to the job place with the repair vehicle, I was blissful to see that Jack had already started on the schedule for repair. He was blissful to see myself and others back in enjoyable health & every one of us spent the rest of the afternoon working on the last Heating and A/C repair of the afternoon.

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