I got into a fight with the HVAC technician

I got into a fight with the HVAC technician, and I don’t even regret it.

I honestly did try to be kind to the HVAC technician, but I knew that it wouldn’t matter.

As soon as I saw who the HVAC technician was, I knew that we were going to have problems. I have never liked this particular HVAC technician, and he knows it. The problem is that I have known the HVAC technician since grade school, and he used to be the world’s worst bully. I couldn’t stand the guy. He used to pick on me relentlessly, and he made my life a living hell. I knew that I wouldn’t ever forgive him. When he came to my house to work on my HVAC unit, I recognized him immediately. He didn’t recognize me at first because I look very different. While he has been learning how to work on HVAC units, I became a personal trainer, and I am jacked now. However, it didn’t take very long for the HVAC technician to figure out who I was. I have pictures and stuff around my house, and he must have recognized who I was. After he was finished fixing my HVAC unit, he handed me the bill. On the bill, he scribbled an insult, and I was furious. I confronted the HVAC technician about it, and he refused to apologize. I shoved the HVAC technician, and he shoved me back, thinking I was still the wimp that I was in grade school. I beat the crap out of the HVAC technician. It felt nice to finally get closure about my childhood bully.

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