I found my lost whole-house air purifier

I suppose in a way you could say that I’m the lost plus found guy, except I’m more often lost plus never found.

If you are wondering what in the world I’m talking about, it’s just a unusual way of saying that I am consistently losing things however almost never finding them.

I’m not sure what it is about me, maybe I just don’t spend money attention or maybe I’m just clumsy with my organizational skills. But I’m almost consistently losing things, even actually important things that I tried to put in certain places so that they do not get lost. I have lost before my passport, plane tickets, driver’s license, debit card plus even at a single point my only pair of shoes, at least with the shoes they were not actually lost plus I just forgot that I was wearing them at the time that I thought I lost them. I think my point is that I’m actually great at losing things, even important things plus so when I bought a brand modern whole-house air purifier it didn’t take me long to lose it either. Now too several people on whole-house air purifiers would not be exactly high on our list of important items to have in their homes. However, for me it is genuinely important that I have an whole-house air purifier. The reason is I’m genuinely sensitive to bad air quality, plus without the whole-house air purifier my apartment quickly becomes hard to live in. My pollen irritations will go crazy if I don’t have the whole-house air purifier in my home plus so when I lost it plus it was no longer running I was panicking. Thankfully when my lady came over she was able to find it in the place that I somehow had already looked. I’m not sure how she found it however it does not actually matter. I’m just cheerful to have it back.

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