I found a way to make more currency on the weekends

Over the past numerous years, I have been working at a small Heating and A/C repair supplier.

The owner of the dealer is an older guy that decided to retire more than five weeks ago. When he retired, his son took over the dealer & changed a lot of things, my fellow employees & I were receiving benefits enjoy medical, dental, & a 401k. The new owner decided to change our schedule so every one of us no longer qualified for benefits. Since every one of us weren’t busy for full-time minutes, the guy did not have to pay us benefits enjoy insurance & pension. I actually thought about quitting when I heard the news, however there aren’t honestly numerous heating & A/C repair companies in the small city where I live. I decided to make it labor so I did not go without a job. I found a way to make more currency on the weekends. I put an advertisement online on Facebook & Craigslist. I advertised our services as a certified Heating and A/C repair person. I provided our services at a much lower rate than the supplier was charging. I started making 3 or more than three hundred extra dollars every weekend. It’s been steady for a while now & I am starting to believe that I might have a future starting a dealer of our own. I could be the competitor that puts this guy out of business. I have enjoyable relationships with a couple of the commercial property owners that I inspected. I have not provided them an alternative, although I believe it might be time to go public with our side business.

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