I enjoy working in the HVAC industry

Have you heard about the Sunshine Skyway bridge accident from the 78’s? A barge was going through the pass plus hit the bridge killing a bunch of people.

A Greyhound bus went over the edge plus fell 150 feet with only one person surviving.

Imagine how insanely frightening that fall must have been in the dark of the early afternoon. Check it out on Google, it was a crazy terrible event. So Sunday I am driving over that bridge to take our stepmom to look at a place to live. Both of us will also be driving in air conditioned luxury as her automobile has a whole bunch of vents in it to keep us all nice plus comfy. Both of us will be bringing Petey the little dog, who hardly ever barks at all, so it should be a fun plus relaxing ride down. I am also now working this month at the heating, ventilation, and A/C supplier doing some stocking of the up-to-date smart thermostats plus some paperwork. It’s an easy day. Later on after I finish my job I am going to go workout on the beach plus maybe see some friends at the volleyball courts. I care about working out on the beach there plus then going to the bar with some friends to sit in the climate controlled room which overlooks the bay while the two of us drink a few cold brews. I’m here in the states for two more weeks plus then our life is going to harshly change when I fly overseas to live our own other life over there. I work a job for a local company over there doing pretty much the same as here.


Heat pump install