I drove a car for more than two years with no heat or air conditioner of any kind

When I was in school, I was desperate for a car of some kind. My friends’ parents all purchased them vehicles, although I had to bum rides off anyone who’d be willing to provide me a single. By the time I reached our senior year, I finally had a tiny bit of money saved from our job & multiple sums of money I’d get from relatives on birthdays & holidays. While I was too late to have a car for all of the sites I wanted to go in school, at least I had a car to take with me to college later that same year. That was no trivial fact either, because I had lots of fun in college & that car took me sites both physically & metaphorically. When I moved off campus & took a job to pay for our house rent, I relied on that car to get to & from classes throughout the day. Unluckyly, the heating & air conditioner inside that car both died within a year of purchasing it at 18. Then I drove the car for another more than two years with no heating or cooling inside. Now I have a car with an extremely freezing air conditioner inside & the difference is night & day. I can’t imagine getting through a summer time these days without a strong air conditioner in a single’s car, although I made it work for those more than two years when I had no other choice. Unluckyly, it wasn’t a matter of simply recharging the coolant in the car’s air conditioner. It had a broken compressor inside.



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