I don’t recognize where I would be in life separate from indoor weather conditions control

I recently spent a week with a buddy in Nicaragua.

This was our first time ever leaving the US.

I had never even gone over the border into Canada during all of the years that I spent living in Michigan during the time when you could cross the border separate from a passport. My buddy and I had been looking at chances for spending Spring split someplace out of the country. He was used to traveling all over the world and staying in hostels to save on money. The plan of staying in a questionable accomodation in a country I had never seen while speaking a bizarre language than the population was a disturbing plan for myself and others coming from our inexperience. Things just went downhill from there. When the two of us arrived at the site where the two of us would be staying, I discovered that there was no shower. All there was in site of a real shower was a wand, chair, bucket, and drain in the floor. You take a shower by filling buckets of water and pouring them over your head. On top of this disadvantage, I soon discovered that there was no form of indoor weather conditions control either. I guess I should not have expected an cooling system in this part of the world, but another part of myself and others wondered if maybe there was an seasoned window cooling system or a ductless mini split, but there wasn’t even a fan to push in air from outside. That week made myself and others realize how much I take indoor weather conditions control for granted. I was so cheerful to have air conditioning again when I got back home.


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