I don’t like being away from my family, but the corporation accommodations are excellent

When my boss started telling me that he needed me to travel to various sites to meet with some of our more substantial buyers around the country, I was hesitant.

He said this would be a substantial promotion for me and I would be gave with excellent accommodations.

I didn’t like the plan of being away from my family and I already knew that my husband was going to freak out about me having to travel. Still, it was charming when he showed me some of the corporate housing I would be staying in. I thought I would be staying in hotels or something, which I would for the shorter corporation trips, but for the longer trips the accommodations were outstanding. I’m talking about smart houses that make it simple to have groceries delivered through an app on the chilly. There were smart Heating and Air Conditioning systems and even smart sinks. The sinks were cool because you could just say how much water you wanted and the sink would comply with just the right amount you asked for. I loved that the smart control unit had voice control as well and would tell you the weather if you asked. On top of the Heating and Air Conditioning method being smart in these homes, the method is also high velocity so it heats and cools the site in a matter of minutes. It’s absolutely awesome and it’s too poor I can’t share such luxury with my family while going on corporation trips. With all the extra money I’ll be making though, I might be able to transport us into our own smart apartment in the near future.


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