I don’t do well in places without A/C

Last night, we went to see a buddy in a play and it was so hot inside of the theater! I could not believe that they did not have the HVAC plan turned on when we went into the theater lobby, then it was so sizzling outside yesterday that I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have the HVAC turned down all the way! But when we walked into the building, it was almost like the heat almost hit us right in the face.

I almost turned around and went right back outside because I don’t do legitimately well in places whenever the HVAC isn’t entirely working.

I always get a headache or something and after that feel like I’m trapped. I hate that feeling and most of the time, I will just leave if I go somewhere and I think that it feels too sizzling inside. I did not want to do that this time because I honestly wanted to see our buddy in the play! The play looked like it was going to be good, and I thought that maybe the HVAC would be working inside of the auditorium. I thought that maybe it was just too hot in the lobby and that was it, that was not the case at all. That was just the start of the trouble for me. When I went into the auditorium that was already full of people, I knew that I was going to be in for an entirely rough couple of hours. The HVAC was not entirely working in that room either and it was so hot that I could not lay it! Sweating through our clothes was no fun, that’s for sure.

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