I didn’t do the best job trying to take care of our HVAC unit on our own

When I bought our first home, I easily thought that I could take care of the HVAC unit when it was having troubles.

The HVAC system worked well for a few years however then started having troubles.

I didn’t know what the issue was since I suspected I changed the air filters often enough plus I kept the inner workings of the HVAC unit cleaned out. I eventually provided in plus called an HVAC supplier to send out a professional. The HVAC expert who came out said that I should have been getting proper repair plus tune-ups all this time. He said the parts in the HVAC were worn plus the air filters I were using weren’t even good enough. I was surprised to hear that however he said they were basically useless garbage. He advocated that I try using pleated air filters with a much higher MERV rating. He said usually if the air filters are designed for people with dust irritations, that’s something good to go for. He was able to get our HVAC system working, however I paid a small fortune for all the repairs. He said that our HVAC was in good condition now, however if I didn’t want any more costly repairs, it was essential to contact the HVAC professionals respectfully to take care of the system plus all the components. He also made sure that I knew to go to the store to get better quality air filters because he didn’t want to see those cheap ones in the future. Fortunately, I found a good deal online for a pack of quality air filters with free multiple-day delivery.
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