I decided to focus on ductwork

I started working for a general contractor when I was 18.

By the age of 22 I was certified, bonded, and had left the contractor to start my own specialty business. I won’t say it was an easy path, because there were several lean years at first. Eventually I started to grow my reputation, because the market for my services was small, but it was also very exclusive. I was offering a high-end custom service, which required high-end clientele. But once the word got out that I could install ductwork and HVAC equipment that blended into the house architecture perfectly, I started to become more popular. Way back in the day when I first started, that HVAC contractor gave me a piece of advice they I credit for my inspiration. He told me that although I needed to learn all the various facets of HVAC work, I needed to find something to specialize in that would set me apart from the others. So many new people get into the HVAC business every year, and most of them do it for money and job security so they never go the extra mile. I took his advice and started learning how to shape sheet metal and turn it into custom ductwork. It took several years, but finally I reached a point where there was no one in this area as good with ductwork as I was, and that’s when my career took off. Now I am regarded as one of the best HVAC guys around, mostly because I can deliver the nicest custom air ducts.

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