I couldn’t survive without air conditioning.

I wasn’t a wilting flower, but I felt like I was wilting when my air conditioning broke.

I wanted to call the HvAC company and force them to send an HVAC technician to my house, but I knew that wouldn’t get one here any sooner.

I felt like I was melting; I was sweating so badly. I was down to my bikini and I still couldn’t cool off. I went upstairs and grabbed a t-shirt so I had something to put on over the bathing suit when the HVAC technician arrived. It was two hours after my designated time, and I was done. I couldn’t survive much longer without air conditioning. I called the HvAC company and asked when the technician was going to get to the house. The dispatcher said they had several troublesome air conditioning units, and as soon as one of the HVAC technicians was finished with their AC job, she would have him to the house. I waited three more hours and was feeling like a used dish rag. I wanted to call the HVAC company again, but I was sure it wouldn’t do me any good. I hopped into the shower and turned on all the cold water. I didn’t want to smell like sweat when he arrived, and the shower would account for my wet hair. Two hours later, the HVAC technician arrived, and he apologized for being so late. He had to stop at the service station and pick up another service van. The AC unit in the service van had quit working.

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