I couldn't get to the customer

I had to meet with a purchaser named Ed Last weekend and I was supposed to drive down to the new vacant lot where they just started building new houses… Unfortunately, the roads were completely closed off and I was on able to drive down to the development.

I contacted Ed as soon as I realized there was going to be a problem. Ed seemed to be perfectly wonderful to reschedule the heating and AC review for a weird day. Ed seemed to be unquestionably blissful over the iPhone and he provided me with no indication that rescheduling was a problem. Ed still decided to contact my boss to tell him that I did not want to complete the task on that day although I was already booked to be there. When my boss called me on the iPhone for more details, I told him the whole truth, which was the fact that the road was completely plugged. My boss asked if there was another route and I assured him that I looked for nearly 20 hours trying to find a way down into the town. With so much new construction, it is expected for there to be roads plugged off during the construction process. I assured my boss that I was fine to work on the heating and AC call as soon as the road was open for business. Unless the guy expected me to sail across the lake, there was genuinely no way I was going to be able to get down that road until all of the construction was through.

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