I couldn’t believe how quickly hot water came from our pipes

When a hot water gas furnace broke, my husband looked into tankless hot water heaters, but since he and I were the only ones in the house, he thought the tankless hot water heater would be more efficient for us.

We used our dishwasher which heated the water on it soon.

We only use freezing water for washing clothes. The main reason for having hot water was for cleaning plus bathing. With a tankless hot water heater, we didn’t need to use a lot of electricity like we did for our 70 gallon hot water heater. The tankless hot water heater also took up less space than the hot water heater. My husband and I sat down and discussed this in length, because the tankless hot water heater was also more high-priced, but I read all the information he gave me. I realized that running the tankless hot water gas furnace was going to cost us 1/3 less in energy than it costs us for the electric hot water heater. Even though in the wintertime the electric hot water heater was turned off and we were using our boiler to heat the hot water, we still had a higher energy bill. When we had the tankless hot water gas furnace installed, I couldn’t believe how hastily the hot water got to our pipes. With the boiler, we had to let the water run for almost 5 minutes before the hot water reached the tub, but with the tankless hot water heater, it was 5 seconds. We saved almost $20 a month on our electric bill and realized the tankless hot water heater was perfect for us.

tankless water heater installation