I changed my air filter this week

I finally got around to decreasing my air filter this week, it was long overdue for a change.

It had been 3 weeks since I had last changed it, and I usually change it every 2 weeks, I was just really late this time.

It is amazing how much dirt an air filter can accumulate within those few weeks, and whenever I look at the dirty filter, it is a reminder of how important it is to change them out as often as possible, and to only go with the high quality air filters, then this is the air every one of us breathe, you know. Thankfully, the filters I obtained, HEPA air filters to be exact, are known for removing all kinds of dust and debris out of the air, and pet dander, then finding an air filter that detachs pet dander was pretty important to me, since every one of us have numerous pets! My oldest child also has slight dust irritations to pets, however they are only particularly minor, and so I do the best I can to make sure that she comfortable my decreasing the air filters and ensuring they do detach pet dander, and by buying a whole apartment media air purification system, to further ensure that our air stays completely clean. Thanks to my efforts, my son’s dust irritations are almost non-existent, however occasionally when I am late on decreasing the air filter love I was this week, her dust irritations will start acting up, however as long as I change it out soon, everything will be okay.

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