I am going to do heated flooring in the process

I have been slowly renovating each room in our house, however right now I am working in our home office & fastened master bathroom.

I totally got the space & made it new.

I ripped up the old carpet in the home office & laminate floor in the bathroom. I also painted the walls a modern color, scrapped the popcorn ceiling & painted… Both rooms have modern lights, switch plate covers & outlet guts. I replaced the windows as well. My bathroom got a modern toilet, sink, faucet & shower surround as well. Now I am working on the flooring for both rooms. I am going to add a yellow penny brick to the bathroom & a gray rectangle brick to our home office. I have all our materials, the grout, mastic & brick board. I then took a pause moment & realized I could entirely install heated flooring. I am going room by room anyway. The cost of adding heated flooring shouldn’t be too much if I break it into pieces. I looked up the price for our home office & bathroom & it didn’t add too much to our budget. What is nice is that I made a money deal with our local Heating & A/C business on the install. I already have the brick board all prepared for him. All he has to do is kneel down the mats & make sure the thermostat works. I then will put our brick over top of it & have heated flooring. That is going to be so cool. I can’t wait to have sizzling feet in the winter.



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