I am Getting Pretty Hungry for That Salad Soon

I’m trying to knock out most of my work for the day before eating lunch because I usually take a nap afterwards and then it will be getting too late for work. I want to hit the beach by about 3:30 pm today because it starts to get cold not long after that. Right now it is about seven minutes before 2pm and I am getting down to the wire with finishing it on time. The next hour will decide my fate so I really need to focus and get this finished. My electric furnace just kicked on, which means the temp in my flat has fallen below 65F. I keep the heater on low during the day to try and save money, but when it gets this cold I need a little heat in here or my hands get all numb and useless. During the night I shut off the smart thermostat and sleep under a big pile of blankets. I even open my window in my bedroom on some nights and the temp in my room in the morning can be as low as 50F. I seem to sleep better without any heating on in the place, which also saves me a lot of money too. I am going to have an HVAC tech move in soon and she said she also likes it cold when she sleeps so it should work out fine with us. She also told me she can get HEPA filters and furnace filters for my cooling and heating device at a good price.


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