HVAC service plan is best investment

I don’t make a huge amount of money. But I’m awfully thankful to have what I need to provide for my family with a little left over. I’m a saver so whatever I have at the end of the month, after expenses, I sock away. And then, my wife and I sit down in the air conditioning comfort of the living room to talk investments. We are pretty conservative investors but we also like to keep diversifying our portfolio as it were. But investing in stocks, mutual funds and other stuff like that is only one of our investments. We also invest in ourselves and our home. One way we do this is with the HVAC service plan offered by our HVAC company. When we bought this house, we had to replace the HVAC equipment. But that actually worked in our favor. Since the seller wouldn’t replace the HVAC unit, we were able to negotiate a much better price. And that allowed us to get the latest and best residential HVAC we could get. With that sort of investment in our house and our family’s comfort, we wanted to be sure to protect that investment. That’s when we chose to sign up for the HVAC service plan. With the service plan, the HVAC company does heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune-up in the spring. We don’t have to call them as they send us an HVAC maintenance email. All we have to do is confirm online. And the HVAC service plan offers a discount for the HVAC maintenance as well as an HVAC service guarantee as well. If we have an HVAC unit breakdown, they only charge for the parts and not the HVAC service call.
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