How to choose a heating and cooling provider

Moving to a new neighborhood can be overwhelming.

There is so much to learn and new things to see! Since we decided to buy a house in an historic district, we knew there would be things to update, fix, and renovate right away. Of course, one of those things was the heating and cooling system , which is always a pain to take care of. In my experience, replacing an HVAC system is expensive. My first step was finding a trustworthy heating and cooling provider. We decided to ask for HVAC contractor recommendations from neighbors that have been in this neighborhood for more than 10 years. The reason for this restriction was to get reliable information from people who have likely updated their own system around here. One contractor came up a couple of times, so we decided to reach out to him. The contractor was able to come out quickly, and supply us an estimate on how much it would cost to update the heating and cooling system. Since we had moved to a warmer climate, we were understandably concerned about making sure the air conditioning was a priority for the home. He walked us through our possibilities and provided us a discount we could hardly refuse. Soon after that, everything was taken care of, and we were very satisfied with our decision to work with his contractor! I’d consistently propose speaking to your neighbors first.


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