How I became a HVAC worker

I was not originally interested in being a heating and cooling technician, I had higher dreams and hopes than that.

However, those higher dreams also came with a higher price, one that I knew I could not afford, which was very saddening, because I had actually already had been approved to join a few different colleges.

My test scores spoke for themselves, but it all wasn’t good enough due to financial reasons. So, I knew getting a job one be the best way to help build up some money. My uncle worked as a heating and A/C technician, and he told me he could always use some help. He invited me to learn the ways of a heating and air conditioning specialist, and I was eager to learn. Thanks to him, he helped me become a certified air conditioning serviceman, and it wasn’t long before I was working on my own. Servicing and repairing HVAC machines really isn’t all that difficult, and I believe most people could do it. Anyways, after I worked for a few years or so with my uncle I was finally able to afford to go to the school of my dreams. The best part was, unlike a lot of the other students, I was not starting out in debt. Whenever I would hear kids complaining about it, I would tell them my story and highly recommend becoming a HVAC specialist or something similar, it is a great way to make great pay. I love having the knowledge that I have, because it makes repairing things around my home much easier.


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