House is transformed thanks to recent HVAC addition

It felt weird not wanting to go home.

  • And there were times that both my wife and I felt it and had to acknowledge the reason.

But for sure, we love our house. And we’re lucky to be able to have a nice place to live with such quality heating and air along with many other amenities. Yet, when we were coming back from vacation this spring, it was like we were dragging our feet to actually go home. Of course, some of that is due to the great time we had on vacation. We stayed at a lovely vacation rental at this secluded beach. This place had everything. Plus, it had some of the best central air conditioning either of us had ever experienced while on vacation. There was zone controlled HVAC throughout the house as well as a smart thermostat to control all the air conditioning precisely. Our vacation was just so perfect that of course, we weren’t eager to get back to the grind of going to our respective offices in buildings downtown which also both have zone controlled HVAC. But that wasn’t the real reason we didn’t want to walk through the door of our home. That had everything to do with the fact that our house just smelled hideous. And having the dogs, cat in a kennel and not cooking for a week wasn’t going to cure anything. I think it was then that we knew that turning to the HVAC professionals to install a whole home air purification system would be best. And that’s what we did. Now, our home is just perfect and we have the best indoor air quality possible.

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