Hoping to get smart financially

The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed me. My partner has always been about real estate plus residing off his assets. I didn’t honestly get the big push to have apartments for rent… After seeing that book, I totally understand. It lays out how people can get wealthy. Basically if you want to do well financially, saving cash does not do anything, then why have a big number in your bank account? It is better to invest in a property that will make you more currency overtime. My hubby plus I are always looking at homes for sale. My hubby right now has two rental properties, he has a duplex plus a residential cabin for rent in our area. I guess that commercial real estate is his next big step. For me I just want to buy a small rental property. I also am not against buying a single family home, fixing it up plus flipping it for a bit of cash. My hubby plus I are on a first name basis with the real estate agent in town. Melissa is always giving us a call on up-to-date places that are going for sale that we can eventually rent out. Finding the right deal is taxing though. I don’t want to spend an obscene amount of currency although I don’t want to buy a useless home. I am planning on getting quite a few rental properties under our belt. It would be nice to guess that if I lost our job, our rent could pay our mortgage. My hubby plus I aren’t quite there at this point.


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