Hiring out for renovation tasks

I am a handy lady but I have started hiring out more and more.

I don’t want to mess around with tasks that I can hire for.

I would much rather work more to pay someone else to do it. Renovations are stressful too. If someone else can take away that burden, how great. I decided that for my lavatory remodel I was going to hire what I could. I got a supplier to lay the floor and shower tile for me. She also installed a new window. I then had an electrician put in outlets for me, a vanity light and overhead light. The plumber installed my toilet, sink and shower controls. Then I decided that I wanted to add lavatory ventilation. I hate how hot it gets in there. The heat rises and creates condensation. I battle mold and streaks. I didn’t even pause to consider when I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. It stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. So of course they do lavatory ventilation replacement. When the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier came over she thought she was doing something to my HVAC duct. After clarifying and showing him my lavatory vent she laughed at me. Electricians mess with those things. It is too small of a task for a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. Luckily I was able to swing a deal with him to get the install done. I mean she had the tools and had seen a lavatory vent before. Now I think for next time she is not the woman to call. I am just relieved that I got everything set up right.

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