Hiring an outlaw HVAC tech

When offered a choice between doing something the right way or the fast way, I always choose fast! Sometimes doing things the right way takes a very long time, and I just don’t have the patience for that. I have a few things I need to do to my house, and I feel they are important, so I had some contractors come over and give me estimates. In all three estimates it cost more than I could afford, and took longer than I was willing to wait. I went “off the grid” and looked for an unlicensed HVAC tech who would help me with some of this work. I know it has been a few years since I thought about getting a new HVAC system, but holy smokes are these things expensive! My place needs climate control, but I simply don’t have ten thousand dollars to spend on it. Of the three estimates I got, the lower bid was ten grand, which is why I found an outlaw HVAC tech. His name was Jim, he low-key advertised on Facebook, and although he had skills, he lacked official HVAC certification. The HVAC industry is tightly regulated, and contractors need to have education, certification, and insurance in order to do work. Jim had none of those things, but he knew his way around an air conditioner as well as any other professional. Jim did the HVAC work I needed in half the time the other guys could have done it. Best of all, it was half the price, and I got my new HVAC system for five grand.

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