He’s quite disappointed with the prevalent throw away mentality

The wise thing to do is pay more money if the extra cost will benefit you in the long run.

Well, that’s how Alex purchases new items for his home. Options are plenty nowadays that you can always find cheaper things. And then, when it starts to malfunction, you get rid of it and buy another. But, when it comes to Heating & A/C equipment, Alex isn’t a big fan of such a mentality. He’s quite disappointed with the throw away mentality that’s so prevalent that it makes him quite mad. It’s become a common thing to go for what’s made cheaply and has no value. But, Alex opts to do the opposite. His Heating & A/C unit is only a year old. When Aledx bought his cabin, he found a fantastic heating and cooling component situation. It wasn’t the finest Heating & A/C component you’ll ever see but it had been in the house for quite some time. Alex was adamant on getting the seasonal Heating & A/C maintenance and repair that it needed. Last year, he upgraded that old Heating & A/C component with the current residential Heating & A/C in his cabin. Also, Alex extended the Heating & A/C service plan. Two days after Alex had the current Heating & A/C component installed, he messaged to get the current residential Heating & A/C warranty registered with the production company. On the same day, Alex messaged the Heating & A/C company to add his new Heating & A/C component to the Heating & A/C service plan. Alex plans on looking after this Heating & A/C component investment. That’s the wise thing to do


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